I’m on my way!

This is the post excerpt.


This blog will track my new journey…hopes, dreams, struggles, challenges, victories… the good, bad, ugly and beautiful. I can’t wait for the day I look back on these posts and celebrate how far I’ve come.post

Week 16 & 17–Growth, & Permission

I missed last week! Life is CHANGING in HUGE ways and I got caught in the tide and missed blogging last week. So let’s start with week 16–Growth!


I found the Law of Sevens fascinating…most intriguing to me was the “be ready for new cycles of sevens, beginning with the fiftieth year.”  I turned 50 the end of 2016 and it was a beginning! I’ve been changing, my life started changing, and I have found growth that I never expected in this new season of my life.  Continue reading “Week 16 & 17–Growth, & Permission”

Week 15–Nature’s Greatest Miracle

This week we started reading Scroll IV, and I am digging it. I love the reminder that I get when reading this scroll.

I am a miracle!
I am unique!
I have unlimited potential!
There is NO other like me, and that makes me rare–valuable!


You don’t know my story, but I literally shouldn’t be breathing. I shouldn’t have been born. When I was young, my mother tried to tell me that God had a plan for my life & that I was a miracle. I didn’t hear that in her words. I heard that I wasn’t supposed to be here–that I shouldn’t be alive–that I didn’t belong here. It took me decades to work through my story…decades to begin to believe that I had value, that I was worthy of each breath I took.

Last week I mentioned that I have gone through a lot of emotional healing recently, and learning my own value and to love myself. Because of that, Scroll II was very dear to me–I will greet this day with love in my heart. Now I have started with Scroll IV and I have a feeling that this will also be dear to me. This scroll that reminds me and reinforces the belief that I am a miracle! That I am valuable! There is no one else who thinks like I do (just ask my family or friends…they will vouch for this! HA!), there is no one else with my voice, there is no one else with my exact makeup. I am a truly one of a kind.

How incredible is that?

YOU are one of a kind! There is no one else like you! WE are one of a kind!

I am the amazing handiwork of the Almighty Creator. I am truly a miracle!